About Us

Originally, when I wrote this page I used what my publisher gave me for my book. Then I re read it and scrapped it as it felt too, well, formal. Anyone who knows me, knows I am anything but.
So, here is the 'real' about me stuff, without the fluff!
I love to cook. I love to eat. I love to shop for food, talk about food, smell food and sometimes even dream about food (which often leads to me waking hungry at 2 am and scavenging about for chocolate).
Self taught cook, yadda yadda yadda. In reality, the first thing I cooked was beans on toast. Then I used to bake and cook with my family. I watched, learned and joined in. Once, I even flattened a jam roly poly when I thought I was being helpful. Story of my life!!!
I have had more than my fair share of cooking disasters. I blew up a pressure cooker once and it took the artex off the ceiling and it showered me in ghormeh sabzi (which is essentially a spinach shower. A hot, smelly one) 
I do have a passion for bringing Persian and Middle Eastern food into people’s homes. I do want to show everyone just how accessible and delicious it is.
Every so often I run a Supper Club in Shropshire and Cheshire and it does sell out, which is so lovely and I am forever grateful to all of you that come along.
I've written a recipe book which was quite honestly like painting the forth bridge due to so many delays... but it is out now and you can buy a signed copy from my shop.
This is all one big adventure really, and one that I have honestly loved every second of and hope it will be a long one.
Oh, I also get really bitey and cross on occasion. I also love a glass of bubbles! 
Becks x