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Persian Supper Clubs Are Back!

Supper Club..... an underground foodie experience? Or somewhere you are expected to fraternise with other guests that you do not know?........

Bit of both I say! ;) 

Persian food is very familial. It is a social event. One that you go to as strangers and come out with some life long friends. That has been the theme of all of my events since I launched them and I am happy to say that it has been exactly as I originally hoped. I have met some wonderful people on this journey and can’t wait to introduce more people to the Persian experience. So, I am bringing to Nantwich, huge pots of food that have been lovingly prepared, chatter, laughter and you are guaranteed to meet new people and you will definitely not leave hungry! At my table you can always count on second helpings!

I have a passion for traditional Persian food & authentic ingredients and as always, at these events, I will prepare and cook all of my favourite dishes from my childhood. The menu will feature classic Persian comfort foods and street fare that you would find in the Persian Bazaars.

The main flavour notes you can expect to taste  on the night are Saffron, Sumac, Lime, Cardamom, Rose, Turmeric and more!

So, if like me, you are a foodie and you want to come along and try out this dining experience please email your request through to or check out the product page to book! 

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